What can I do for my clients during COVID19?

Guys, this pandemic is SCARY. What can I do for my clients during COVID19? What can I do for couples that are struggling to organize a future wedding but feeling so overwhelmed?!

The uncertainty is terrifying as a self-employed individual and the health of so many people is my number one concern. Living with someone with a compromised immune system is making me hyper aware of everything! But I am just trying to use my time wisely & staying positive, because everyone is going through this together right now, and that provides some comfort.

My heart aches for my couples that have had to reschedule their weddings, and all couples that have had to totally change their wedding plans. I know the wedding planning process takes so much time, money, and effort. I can’t really imagine what you all are going through due to this pandemic.

I want to do what I can for my couples, and for those couples that may be out of a photographer due to rescheduling issues. If you or someone that you know needs a photographer, I’d like to take care of you. I’ll match what your previous photographer charged you, MINUS THE DEPOSIT YOU ALREADY PAID/LOST – you just need to show your previous contract as proof.

If you are still in the midst of planning your wedding and didn’t have a photographer booked yet – I am lowering my deposit down to 25% of the total cost so that it’s easier for you to lock something down without worrying about more money going out right at this moment! If you have a circumstance where you lost a job/income for the time being, I’d love to work with you and be flexible to be able to alleviate your wedding-planning stress during this time.

As for portraits, lifestyle, food & product shoots – anything that is booked by 3/31 and paid in full for a future date (post quarantine!) – will be discounted by 25% as a thank you for supporting my business.

We are all feeling this right now and I just want to do my part in making sure that you get the amazing photos that you deserve ❤️