Engagement Session at Torrey Pines Gliderport

I headed out to photograph this sunset engagement session at Torrey Pines Gliderport and couldn’t be more excited! Jade and Stephen were enthusiastic and dressed to impress for their shoot! I was so excited about Jade’s dress color. It paired perfectly with the pink sunset that I knew we’d get!

We were able to take photos on a lookout overseeing the ocean as the sun was setting. Jade danced and Stephen spun her around. They had a thumb war, laughed a bunch, and just enjoyed being with each other.

We then ventured down a small trail that eventually led to Black’s Beach. On the trail we grabbed some incredible photos with some jaw-dropping views on top of cliffs overlooking the ocean! The gliderport gives you so many different locations all wrapped up into one!

Jade and Stephen weren’t scared of getting their feet wet once we made it down to the beach. The water was chilly but Stephen didn’t hesitate to pick up his future bride in his arms and give her a passionate SMOOOOOCH!

I will be very honest – this was one of my favorite sessions to date. The location and the clients were hard to beat. I have the most fun with my couples that are just ready to have fun and do a little exploring!

Jade and Stephen were a pleasure to work with and I can only hope for more incredible clients like these two lovebirds! An engagement session at Torrey Pines Gliderport is a perfect location for those wanting sunset, beach, cliffs and incredible views.

Interested in being photographed with your person? Contact ya girl, I’m down for anything from mountains to deserts to snuggle home sessions!