Why You Should Book an Engagement Session

Yes, for real, I’m here to tell you why you SHOULD book an engagement session! Engagement sessions are a “newer” type of shoot in the photography industry. I mean… I know my parents or my friends’ parents never had engagement sessions 😂So why should you invest in one?


I like to tell my couples that an engagement session is a great practice run for your wedding day. This shoot will help you to feel comfortable in front of a camera, and to also feel comfortable with yours truly! If you have anything you’re feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable about, this is the time we get to work around that and make you feel cute as heck!

You should book an engagement session to have a practice run for your hair and makeup for your wedding day. You’ll be able to see how your makeup photographs (it always looks different on camera than IRL) & if you’d like to make any adjustments to anything!

Many people don’t get professional photos with their significant other outside of their actual wedding day. These photos are great for capturing you & your love in a special place without the pressure or stress of wedding clothes/venue/family/etc. AND – if you and your partner are planning on having children, you may never have photos of just the two of you before the little ones come along if you don’t have an engagement session!


Engagement sessions are GREAT for save the dates for your wedding. They’re an updated, professional photo that you’ll be proud to send to friends and family.

These photos are also great to create different elements for your wedding day. Many couples use their engagement session photos as accessories for gift tables, as boards for seating assignments, the list goes on and on! I’ve even seen couples print their photos on SOCKS!

They’re also great gifts for parents before or on the wedding day. Make a small album, a framed print – I’m sure it will make someone’s parents, grandparents or relatives extremely happy!

The choice is yours! I don’t feel that there are any cons to booking an engagement session. But there are cons to NOT booking one! Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in adding an engagement session to your package if you haven’t already!