A Couples Session on Fiesta Island

My lovely friend fell in love with a boy that lived a long ways away. And they put their feet down and said that they didn’t want to spend any more time apart than they already have. Sara decided to move to Denver to live with the love of her life, Alex. This called for a couples session on Fiesta Island.

It’s so bittersweet to see a friend leave, but you’re just so happy to see them so happy. Sara and Alex compliment each other, like vegan hotdogs and ketchup. They’re goofy, talk in amazing voices and accents, and just make each other so incredibly happy. Alex came to San Diego to help Sara move her belongings and to have one last hurrah before she made her move. They had an amazing going-away party with a bunch of dear friends, and we decided they needed a fun photo session to commemorate this big, wonderful change in their lives.

We had perfect sunlight. It was golden and warm. We laughed way too much as the breeze blew Sara’s hat away, and I couldn’t stop screaming “YOU GUYS ARE SO FREAKING CUTE” through this entire session. I feel so honored to have been able to capture their love and personality through these images. Thank you to Sara and Alex for being ADORABLE, and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for you lovebirds.

A couples session on Fiesta Island was the perfect goodbye to a lovely friend.

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