“Posing” Tips!

Okay, I’m trying to come up with the best posing tips for photo sessions that I can think of. The most common statement that clients make to me is “I’m SOOOOO awkward in front of the camera!”

You’re really not though! I promise! Unless you’re a model or influencer or something, no one really ENJOYS being in front of the camera! We all have our own little things we feel self-conscious about because we are all HUMANS!

Luckily for you, it’s my job to make you look good! If I was failing at that… well ya girl wouldn’t be in business anymore 😂I take it so seriously to make my clients feel comfortable. It’s my top priority because if you don’t love your photos, then… I probably shouldn’t be doing this for a living!

As cheesy as it sounds, my first tip for every photoshoot is to BE YOURSELF. Nothing looks better than someone comfortable with who they are and/or who they love! It shows instantly in photos if someone is uncomfortable or trying to act/move in a way that they normally wouldn’t!

General Tips

If you’re having your portrait taken – I always tell my clients to keep all their joints “soft.” If anything is locked or hyper-extended, it’s easy to look awkward.

It’s always more flattering to have your chin slightly down. We don’t want to see under your neck/chin in your portrait, as this gives the “double chin” illusion. It also helps to touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth to reduce any “double chin” look while smiling.

Unless it’s the purpose of your photos – I really try to avoid head tilts. It tends to indicate being submissive or flirty, so if you’re going for a confident, independent look… let’s avoid those!

Stand up straight! It will instantly make you look more fit AND confident. I have never once seen a photo that made me say “Damn, too bad that person was standing up straight, they should have been way more slouchy.”

As for your hands – don’t worry – I’ll guide you based on the purpose of your photos! 🤗

Engagement/Wedding Portraits/Couples Sessions

Posing tips for photo sessions including multiple people seem to be a bit easier. Even though I shoot as candidly as possible, I do have to direct and guide my clients to set up the little moments that we catch as the best photos. When you’re being photographed with your partner, there’s less “awkwardness” because you’re able to interact with them.

As for the “I don’t know what to do with my hands” comments – it’s easy with a partner. Hold them, hold hands, touch their face and go in for a kiss, embrace them, spin them around, run and jump into their arms, the possibilities are endless!

If I have an especially nervous couple, I do have a few go-to prompts to put them at ease. Sometimes I just ask a simple question about something I know that they’re passionate about. Or I ask how they met! Why? Because questions like this always have answers that draw out emotion!

And for fun, I like to have one person whisper the answer to a question I ask in a sexy voice into their partner’s ear. Usually the question is something ridiculous like “what was your favorite childhood cereal?” and this will get some good candid laughs!

Basically, my main “tip” for these types of sessions is just to CHILL OUT & HAVE FUN! We want to capture the real dynamic and the real personalities of both of you in this shoot. The more you overthink it – the more it shows your nerves 😁

Posing Tips for Solo Photo Sessions

Posing for solo photo sessions are another story! I pride myself on getting great expressions out of my clients & showing off their personalities with these one-on-one shoots. I’ve done these for long enough to know how to coach you through the session and help you relax!

It’s important to be aware anything you may be feeling self conscious or uncomfortable about and communicate that to me. I know that I’ll think you look fabulous and I’ll have no clue that you hate the way your left ear tilts slightly to the side! So if you’re concerned with something and communicate it to me, it will help me pose and direct you better so you can feel comfortable.

If we are shooting for your business, brand, or any type of lifestyle shoot, it will be easier to start with these types of photos before any portrait or headshot. There is less “awkwardness” and nerves and more distinct actions that can be done for the photos to get you more comfortable with being in front of the camera. We may be able to bring some small elements from your lifestyle or branding photos into your portrait as well. This will help make your portrait more unique and also more connected to your brand.

Anything else specific – shoot me an email! Can’t wait to work with you!