The Importance of Prints and Albums

I’m sure you see photographers offering print sales and asking if you’d like to make an album, but like… WHYYYY?? 99% of photography is digital now, and we get digital galleries full of digital images. But having your photos in physical form is a really incredible thing. Ya girl is gonna tell you about the importance of prints and albums.

Okay lady, tell me!

As much as we don’t want to think about it – our technology WILL fail at some point. Our computers will get too old, our hard drives will stop working, a cloud can get hacked and deleted – and guess where our photos are stored? DING DING DING!

These photos that you’ve invested SO MUCH money into are not made to be stuck on your computer screen or on your phone. The full effect of your favorite image isn’t even experienced yet until you can hold it in your hands – regardless of the format.

What memorabilia exists of your grandparents’ wedding? Prints. Either framed or put into an album that you slide them behind a protective plastic. and look – 50, 60 years later they still exist!


Prints are the most traditional of physical products purchased from any photo session. A family portrait that hangs on your wall, a beautiful gift to be able to give to your grandmother. Not so into traditional? Have your photo printed and made into a modern, sleek plexi that mounts right to your wall!


These are literally the greatest thing you could have made from your photos on your wedding (or even a party or maternity & newborn sessions!) Not only is it an incredibly high quality collection of your entire wedding, it’s a constant reminder of your love that is easily accessible. I encourage my clients that want albums to keep them on their coffee table. This way, it’s easier for you access and relive that perfect day over and over.

Albums make THE greatest gifts for parents. Have a fall wedding but not sure what to get your parents & new parents-in-law? PARENT ALBUMS! These are usually a little smaller than YOUR album, and customized a little bit to have more family-specific images in them.

An album is a family heirloom. It will have a life longer than ours. Having your wedding images printed in an album is the best gift you can give to your future children. This album can be passed down through generations so that your love is never forgotten.

In Conclusion…

Get your photos PRINTED. They are incredible gifts and they come.to.life when they’re removed from a screen! The importance of prints and albums from important occasions is GREAT!