A Surprise Proposal at the Hotel Del Coronado

If I had to describe this day, the only thing I could possibly say is that it was like living in the sweetest rom-com. I was contacted by Harris, who told me he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, and he really wanted a photographer to be there to capture the big moment. It was time for a surprise proposal at the Hotel Del Coronado.

Obviously, I was extremely excited and down for whatever plans he had! He had run a few plans by me, settled on one, then a week later, he called me back and said “Hey, we are going to the top of the Del instead.” I really had no idea what that meant, but I was excited to find out! I met Harris and also the mother of his now-fiance, Mel, at the hotel for a run through a couple days before the proposal. We were lead up to the highest part of the hotel, one of those little towers overlooking the rest of the hotel, the beach, and the Coronado Bridge. It was perfect. 

Two days later, the big question was asked, Mel had no idea, and it was just an incredible moment of happines and love! Every little detail that Harris put into this proposal was truly something else. It was romantic, sentimental, and totally perfect for the two of them. After the big moment, we headed out to the beach for some engagement photos!

After Harris made fun of my posing tricks and I laughed at the two of them for being goofy in the water – we headed over to Mel’s parents house where her family & Harris’ family were waiting. A double surprise! A family portrait session was done and they spent the rest of the day celebrating their engagement with family & friends. Thank you Harris for asking me to capture this moment for you. You both were a total joy to work with and I am so happy for the both of you! Congratulations!

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