An Elopement at the San Diego Courthouse

ELOPEMENTS ARE MY FAVORITE. They super intimate which means I get to take more photos of two people that are crazy about each other with WAY LESS distractions. I was so excited when I found out I was going to be photographing Rocky and Tony’s long-awaited official marriage! An elopement at the San Diego Courthouse!

These two have been married for 6 years, but… just not on the books. They had a wedding, but had a hiccup by no fault of their own that prevented them from tying the knot officially. The time had arrived that Rocky & Tony were going to find out that they were going to be able to be FOR REAL, FINALLY. Tony was so excited to tell me that they finally got their marriage license. AND I WAS SO EXCITED TO PHOTOGRAPH THIS LONG AWAITED DAAAAAYYYY!!!!!

The two lovers, three witnesses & I arrived at the courthouse bright and early on Halloween. A short and sweet ceremony was in order, and I just loved seeing the looks on their faces when they were finally able to say I DO for real. The emotion was real, they are so in love, and the whole thing just made my heart melt. I’m so happy Rocky & Tony are legally married, and that they have photos to prove it. They deserve all the love & joy.

Thank you so much to these two – for trusting me to capture such an important day. Just because someone doesn’t choose to have a giant ceremony, doesn’t make the moment any less special. I’m so honored to be able to capture this elopement at the San Diego Courthouse for two incredible people.