What Inspires Me?

Sometimes we get so caught up in life, work, and everything else that we forget our roots. It can be a complex or simple answer but it’s definitely a loaded question. What inspires me?

Inspired by REALNESS

Have you ever had one of those moments where you said to yourself “man, I wish I could have recorded that!”? I’ve had SO MANY of those experiences with friends and loved ones. Or times when I wish I could have been a fly on the wall would have been great too!

I’m really all about being candid with my photography, because I feel that the more I interfere, the less authentic the moment becomes. My favorite photos that I have of others are photos that were taken when LIFE WAS HAPPENING. There was no posing or setup, it just happened and I clicked the shutter at the right time.

Your bb smacks your booty? I got that reaction. Dropped the rings in your ceremony but caught them on the bounce? HEYO. Grandma gets up on the table dancing at your reception? You betcha!

Of course, I will set the scene for my portrait sessions, but the greatest photos are going to happen as the moment unfolds after. You guys could think of a special moment or hilarious fart story that makes you laugh til you cry when I prompt you with a question. And I’m CAPTURING THAT MOMENT! (maybe not the fart, but you know, the reaction)

I am so inspired by genuine emotion and real moments.

Inspired by TIME

Sometimes, it’s not about how perfect your hair looked. Or what dress you wore, or the perfect backdrop. Sometimes it’s about the timestamp.

Honestly, I even feel this way about tattoos. Some of mine, I would never get now, but am I ashamed or embarrassed of them? NO! I treat them as little timestamps of my life. I wouldn’t be the person that I am today if I hadn’t gone through whatever made me get that tattoo!

Sometimes we just need photos as markers in our lives. Don’t you wish that you had a little something from each little milestone in your relationship? Nothing major like an engagement or wedding, but what about the time you went to Disneyland? Or your first kiss? Or your first apartment together? I LOVE looking back through my old instagram posts because that’s how I relive little moments that maybe weren’t LIFE changing. But they still meant something to me.

I like to photograph people marking something in their life that is significant to THEM. Even if it’s just a headshot or simple portrait to give to their mom for Christmas – that’s still a timestamp. You can look back at in when you’re 65 and remember exactly how you felt!

I’ve Always Been Inspired By…

Capturing love & real emotion between people. Beautiful places. Documenting real events and important occasions. Making people happy. Candid moments. You know, all the good stuff.

Being a photographer gives me the ability to freeze time in a way, and I take that seriously. I can do it for myself whenever, but when I do it for someone else – it’s the greatest feeling ever.

What inspires me? Your story. I don’t care how “small” or “insignificant” you may think it is! It’s always going to be important enough if it makes you happy.