Webcam Portrait Sessions!

OH MAH GAWWWD, I am so excited to announce my newest adaptation to our quarantined lives! Since we have NO idea when we will be allowed to create amazing photos together again, I’ve been proactive in trying to figure out ways to still photograph amazing clients. Webcam portrait sessions! I was really apprehensive to do these, buuuuut HEAR ME OUT:

a sign of the times!

It’s a bummer that they’re not high def files, but they encapsulate the time that we are currently living. Working from home means zoom calls and being quarantined means FaceTime hangouts with your friends. Why not add a little memoir of your quarantine with a FaceTime portrait session?!

no limits!

Whether you’re quarantined with a significant other, your family a pet, or just by yourself, there are no boundaries with what we can do! As long as you can prop your phone or computer somewhere stable, I can capture it! Couples sessions can get snuggly, pet and family sessions are adorable, and solo sessions can be turned into a sexy boudoir session!

a mental health boost!

Of all of the sessions I’ve done so far, ALL of them (yes 100%) told me that the session gave them a boost in their emotional/mental health. Having this session scheduled forced them to shower, get dressed & put themselves together. And as simple as that sounds, these little things make a HUGE difference. In a time like this when we are all sitting around in pajamas and sweatpants, any excuse to get out of your routine is a good one. Plus a bonus: you get sweet little images to commemorate this time at home together.

So what are the details?

It’s simple. For $50, you’ll get a 30 minute virtual session completely guided by me and 10 final, edited images. We can use FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangout, but I do find that FaceTime on an iPhone has the greatest quality.

I take the photos by screen recording our session & finding those sweet little moments after we hang up. I edit them in my regular photo editing software and send them off to you! Simple as that.

These have been so fun, and I’m hoping to do as many webcam portrait sessions as possible. I’m really missing photographing humans at person, & this helps curb the sadness for sure!

Ready for your webcam portrait session? Send me an email or visit my Webcam Sessions page!