Amber & Cody
a rustic wedding in Butler, PA

Man, where do I even start when talking about this wedding? It's taken me longer than I've wanted to blog this because I am having a really hard time deciding how I want to tell this story, but it's only because these two people are so special to me, and this wedding was nothing short of perfect.

I've known Cody & Amber for just about ten years. Also, I should mention that they have been together for the ENTIRETY of that decade?? Needless to say, this wedding was so overdue. I have never known two people more perfect for each other than Cody and Amber. I've seen them from the beginning - which means I've seen how they have grown not just individually, but as a couple. They are truly two of the kindest, most passionate, and down to earth people I have ever known, and I can't really express what it meant to me that they asked me to capture this day for them!

OK, SO, THE WEDDING. Yes, it was perfect. It was intimate, simple, and encapsulated so many things about them. For example, Amber walked down the aisle to a string quartet version of "Just Like Heaven" by The Cure. Also, can we talk about the death metal writing on their reception sign???


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